Best Hedge Trimmer Reviews – Buyers Guide

best hedge trimmer reviewsHedge Trimmers are powerful tools designed to make trimming hedges, shrubs, bushes and small trees easier. For years people simply used large, manual loppers to take care of this often tedious task, but now powered hedge trimmers are the new standard. These tools are indispensable for homeowners and professional landscapers. Anyone who has bushes or shrubs that have to be trimmed can get good use out of a quality hedge trimmer. There are a few different types to know about before you buy a hedge trimmer, though.

Gas Powered Hedge Trimmers

The gasoline powered trimmers are very popular with people who like to have raw power and freedom to move around, unencumbered by a power cord. Gasoline hedge trimmers tend to be more popular with professional landscapers and people who have a lot of bushes or large hedges surrounding their property. These types of trimmers, though they are more powerful, do require more maintenance than electric powered hedge trimmers.

Electric Hedge Trimmers

There are electric hedge trimmers in a wide variety of sizes and power levels. In recent years, electric hedge trimmers have become available that are much more powerful than the older electric models were. These types of trimmers do not require much maintenance at all, compared to gas powered trimmers, but they do come with the drawback of having to deal with an electrical power cord while you are working.

Cordless Rechargeable Electric Hedge Trimmers

The cordless trimmers, that run on an electrically charged battery are, to some, the best of both worlds. They are low-maintenance trimmers that give you the freedom to trim without boundaries. The main drawback of these trimmers, though, is that batteries don’t stay charged for long periods of time, and they need to be recharged for long trimming jobs.

How to Choose the Best Hedge Trimmer

If you plan on buying a hedge trimmer, here are a few things to think about before you buy:

  • Safety Features, like lock out switches
  • Comfortable grips
  • Cutting diameter
  • Maintenance needed
  • Blade material – look for rust-proof blades

Popular Brands

Many companies, that you might already associate with outdoor power tools, also make hedge trimmers. Black & Decker, Poulan and SKIL are some of the most popular brands with customers and they all make some pretty high quality hedge trimmers.

Using hedge trimmers can lop off a lot of the time that you spend manicuring the shrubs and bushes around your home. Remember to buy models from reputable manufacturers and purchase the the type of hedge trimmer that will best suit your own unique needs.

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